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A Little History Behind Our Company

Charlene Brett

My story and Why Hearing Matters

There has always been a pull in my life towards connecting with people.

When one looks at the influences in one’s life which point toward clarity, I can see that my heart, mind and soul played a part in leading me to the point  where I can offer people the choice of “Love at first sound.”

My paternal grandfather was deafened during the war years. As a Speech & Hearing Therapy student I took my grandmother to the Speech and Hearing clinic to be tested and fitted with hearing aids. The difference in ease of communicating with her was phenomenal

Once I was already qualified, my mother was my best example of how hearing aids change lives. She began wearing hearing aids at the age of 79- and in her later years developed new hobbies such pottery jewelry design and lived life to the fullest as an Octogenarian.

At about the same time, research emerged on the relationship between Hearing and Brain Health.

 The international community at first was skeptical. But as more research confirmed the initial findings, I embarked on a journey of observation with my patients. Many of them whose hearing was corrected were able to maintain their lifestyle. They remained connected to those around them and with the world in general.

I began to understand that Hearing is synonymous with certain brain functions: listening, comparing, interpreting, predicting, evaluating, memorizing, organizing etc. For me this was mind-blowing- to know that because of the advancements in technology, Hearing and thus better Brain functioning could be accessible to most people who have lost some or most or all of their hearing.

To better serve my clients, I did a post graduate degree in hearing aid acoustics in 2013. This armed me with more knowledge and fueled my passion to offer personalized solutions to enable my clients to ensure that with better hearing they can indulge in warm relationships , continued communication and sustained contact with the world around.

In my practice , I offer personalized hearing healthcare and run hearing loss support groups to enable the best possible adjustment to a new life style with the modern miracle of hearing aids

Why Hearing Matters at all stages of life

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